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2022 Tactical Payroll Calendar
Week Commencing Week Ending Final Submission Date (midnight)  No. of Weeks Pay Month Approx. 25th
Monday 6th December Sunday 2nd January Wednesday 5th January 5 January
Monday 3rd January Sunday 30th January  Wednesday 3rd February 4 February
Monday 31st January Sunday 27th February Wednesday 2nd March 4 March
Monday 28th February Sunday 27th March Wednesday 30th March 4 April
Monday 28th March Sunday 1st May Wednesday 4th May 5 May
Monday 2nd May Sunday 29th May Wednesday 1st June 4 June
Monday 30th May Sunday 26th June  Wednesday 29th June  4 July
Monday 27th June  Sunday 31st July Wednesday 3rd August 5 August
Monday 1st August Sunday 28th August Wednesday 31st August 4 September
Monday 29th August Sunday 2nd October Wednesday 5th October 5 October
Monday 3rd October Sunday 30th October Wednesday 2nd November 4 November
Monday 31st October Sunday 27th November Wednesday 30th November 4 December

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